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  • The Renaissance of Lambrusco

    These days, you even find Wine Guides printed in 'L'Espresso'. I might not have noticed if 'La Repubblica' hadn't published this little gem... And then, whilst thumbing through the 'Gazzetta di Reggio', I discovered a classic Annual Centrespread, [...]

  • Preview of

    Whilst you're waiting for the Blog, here are a few backstage photos. Milking Stalls Butter Churning Heating and whisking Parmigiano Reggiano Stay Tuned. Stefano [...]

  • Video: Collection and Transfer of Milk

    We started our transmissions on SurbirTV with a video about collections and transfer of milk. This was shot at dawn (we got up at 5 am !), to be in harmony with the innate rhythms of Nature, and those of the cows. We chose not to use a Narrator, to l [...]

  • Here’s the reason 100 Dairies are protesting (and they aren’t the only ones).

    This may be OK just for one week, or just for one packet, but to see deals of this type for the King of Cheeses isn't good for anyone. [...]

  • Protest by 100 Dairies

    Yesterday, I happened to be browsing through the “Gazzetta di Reggio” as a result of which I learned about the ongoing protest by 100 Dairies who've been put on the ropes by the current economic crisis. The Dairies in Reggio Emilia, also [...]

  • Cà de Noci – treasure of the territory

    I spent Sunday afternoon at Cà de Noci, accompanied by four men from Los Angeles who were looking for AUTHENTIC Emilian produce. Presently, I'll tell the full story of the visit, but for now, all I'll say is they were convinced that we (alo [...]

  • Its Sugo Time!!

    Harvest Time is upon us, a time for grapes, grape juice, fruit flies and..Sugo! Who doesn't remember this "pudding", which tastes of slightly crushed grapes that we start eating on early Autumn evenings? For those who've never heard o [...]

  • Parmigiano Reggiano Fakes on “Striscia la Notizia”

    "Striscia La Notizia" is back, and has gone to work on Gastronomy again, but fortunately with a slightly more constructive approach than the one it used to investigate Molecular Cuisine a few months ago. In an episode broadcast a few days [...]

  • The Opening of the Parmigiano Reggiano Tasting Championship

    October 5th is the official start of the Parmigiano Reggiano Tasting Championship. Organized by the Assaggiatori Parmigiano Reggiano (APR), this peculiar season involves a series of head-on clashes between the main Provinces of Origin: Reggio Emil [...]

  • Coming soon..

    EMILIABYFOOD.IT  is about the main characters on the Emilian gastronomic scene, their passion for traditional food and the region, and the people who make it possible. Content- Videos, Interviews, Stories, Recipes and much, much more... Stay [...]

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