The Opening of the Parmigiano Reggiano Tasting Championship

The Contest

October 5th is the official start of the Parmigiano Reggiano Tasting Championship.

Organized by the Assaggiatori Parmigiano Reggiano (APR), this peculiar season involves a series of head-on clashes between the main Provinces of Origin: Reggio Emilia, Parma, Modena (those of Mantova and Bologna apparently didn’t have enough "athletes" to form a team).

No special sporting skills are required, apart from a good sense of smell (Geronimo Stilton, God help you!). :-)

To take part, the competitors must hold an APR Diploma at Level I or II (by the way, if you’re interested, set your antennae over the coming months, as there will be another Level I course soon!), and lived in Parmigiano Reggiano for 24-26 months.

A small extract from the "Regulations":

"The Championship will be composed of a training phase, and ‘matches’ between teams from two Provinces at a time. The same samples will be used each time, and the team who score the most points will win the match. The points will be awarded by a Jury, composed of three Instructors (professional Sensory Analysts) from the APR Course, according to the criteria used to assess those sitting actual Course examinations.The team who wins most matches will win the Championship.

The teams will hail from Parma, Reggio and Modena and will have between 7 and 20 participants. If the tasters of Mantova and Bologna are able to organize a team in time, they will be welcome, otherwise they’ll have to flow into the team of the Province closest to them.

For the “matches” the teams will meet in their normal provincial locations (PR-RE-MO), and taste the same cheeses."

The first matches have already produced some unexpected results, and we won’t fail to inform you of the eventual winners. And Go with the Wave !

Non-Copyright Photograph from theToksuede Gallery.


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