The Renaissance of Lambrusco

These days, you even find Wine Guides printed in ‘L’Espresso’. I might not have noticed if ‘La Repubblica’ hadn’t published this little gem…


And then, whilst thumbing through the ‘Gazzetta di Reggio’, I discovered a classic Annual Centrespread, complete with a Wine Guide:

Article 3

Here is the list of Reggiani wines presented in the aforementioned Guide:

Article 2

Finally, two articles that focus on the leading businesses in the region. One might best be described as traditional, the other is a little more "modern".

Article 1

But its not only the daily newspapers who are interested in the Lambrusco Renaissance: at (part of the network , a surprising and welcome addition to the world of oenology-gastronomy-gossip on Salsa 2.0) you’ll find the fingertips of Stefano Caffarri hard at work, here with a posting that I consider legendary, focusing particularly on the wines that these Guides tend to leave out, or give only minor coverage to, like those that are off-DOC, and so forth.

In short, is Lambrusco entering its Golden Age?


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